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What started as a small, family business at a residence in Pasco, Washington, has now become one of Eastern Washington’s favorite custom meat sources! Bryan’s Meat Company has now been family owned for over 50 years continuing to provide outstanding products for their customers and community! Head of what was once Bob’s Custom Meats; Bryan’s parents formulated their own company out of their home in the midst of raising three kids.      


Bryan grew up watching his hardworking parents turn something small into something incredible. By watching his parents, Bryan learned everything there was to know about running a custom meat shop, wrapping meat alongside his parents and two sisters. 


On the days Bryan wasn’t helping his family wrap meat he would be in the back of the shop watching the cutting process. The difference in each cut fascinated Bryan and he continued to learn the custom meat business by physically watching it all.


Soon, the family business was booming, conveniently, around the same time Bryan had graduated high school. After taking over Bob’s Custom Meats and creating Bryan’s Butcher Block, Bryan would save every nickel and dime he had to build his own shop from the ground up with his own hands in 1999. Since then, Bryan has continued to guarantee his customers high quality products with the help of a dedicated and hard working staff.

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